Saturday, June 27, 2009

~The Meaning of Flowers~

"Sweet flowers alone can say what passion fears revealing"

Thomas Hood poem, The Language of Flowers

Flowers and bouquets of flowers have a meaning of their own.

Most of us know that a dozen red roses means,=Be mine.

But did you know, for example, that a primrose means, =I can't live without you, or that

a purple hyacinth means, =Please forgive me,or that

a pink carnation means, =I'll never forget you, or that

a gladiolus means, =Give me a break?

Flower meanings have been used to convey ideas, feelings and messages for centuries. The word, floriography, has been coined for the assignment of meaning to flowers. There is a meaning to colors of flowers, to numbers of flowers, and to groups of flowers. It is a silent language that has been largely lost to us through lack of use.

In addition to the obvious choices of color and variety, the language of flowers also includes the way flowers are worn or presented. Presenting flowers upright conveys a positive meaning, but if they are presented upside down the meaning is the opposite. If a ribbon is included with the flowers and is tied to the left then the meaning of the flowers refers to the giver, but if the ribbon is tied to the right then the meaning refers to the recipient. Also, flowers can be used to answer questions. When they are presented with the right hand the answer is 'yes,' but when presented with the left hand the answer is 'no.'